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Marshall Lochbaum
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Marshall Lochbaum Welcome to the psych ward. The walls here are painted with an especially heavy and filthy shade of sludge, so that your creepy nurse, Nee, may more effectively regale you with stories of government conspiracy and petty revenge. We've also taken the liberty of wiring this kick drum directly to your sternum. You'll enjoy it. Favorite track: Basket of Doom.
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released September 23, 2016



all rights reserved


FOX MEDICINE Eugene, Oregon


Neezy - Doll Voice/Guitar/Special Effects

Vanny- Vocals /Drums/Synths

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Track Name: Spoonfuls of Moondust
I stole the moon rocks from the museum
wanna keep them just for myself.
for when I'm feeling alone.
and far away from home.
The moon has never abandoned me.
it goes wherever I am with me.
The moon has never stopped following me
whatever I want, it gives to me
Its dark side is my side
fire and flames inside
I'm going to build a house
on the dark side of the moon
with the rocks that I find there
with the rocks that I find there
When I get there...
I stole the moon rocks from the top shelf
so I can dream of the days ahead
I'm never alone, only with people around
and I wanna go home
Can I please go home?
* * *
All you need is moon dust, spoonfuls of moondust
Track Name: Fuzzy Cocoon
There I was just lollygagging all day
in my bubble that I made
with no complaints and no one to pay
but rest assured that we'll never be friends
You just tried to piss on my parade
You tried and you failed
I'll just spit on you instead
Spit On You
Oooooooh ooooooooh oOOOOOH oooooh oooh oooh ooh
Crawling in the mud to get to see the sun
Choking on the Dust to rise above these clouds
Watching you squirm, how does it feel
Watching you squirm, I must admit
Feels so nice
Feels alright

there I was just not giving a care
In my custom candy lane
you tried to disturb me with your glare
with your raging jealousy stare
Can I please just clear the air
I will destroy you - return to my lair
I'll crush and destroy you just to be fair
its only fair

* * *

You tried to make me mad, I'll return the evil, return the favor,
I don't need it, You can Keep it
I don't need it, You can Keep it

* * *